It is July 27th 2014 


Today. Today is the 2 year aniversary of the last time Simon and Lewis uploaded Shadow of Israphel. This should mean nothing to me, but it cant. Shadow of Israphel was the first seriese i watched of the Yogscast. Shadow of Israphel was the first minecraft series i saw. When Simon and Lewis started…


I’m so sick of people saying they ‘hate’ sips or they hate martyn or they hate blah blah. That’s so rude. they’re doing their jobs. Why can’t you just be supportive? 

well whatever, I’ll continue to be supportive of the yogscast. They make me laugh and smile and help me forget about my bad days or get over an anxiety attack….

They all seem like wonderful people and I am really grateful they continue to make videos and be considerate of fans…

Cause people are silly

Sips is hilarious and Martyn is just adorable, and under appreciated. I do miss his comeraderie with Strippin though, those two together were amazing


since zoey’s becoming more confident with having fans see her face now does this mean we might get to see some actual zoey facecam in the christmas livestreams this year

I don’t think we should rush her, and just let it happen on it’s own but if she did, that would be fun. It could be called FiZo cam lol.

I mainly just wanna see all the silly faces she makes when she’s laughing at her own jokes or something funny is happening. She cracks me up. Plus the two of them acting cute, just slays me. 


Why you do this Mylo.

Trying to determine if you need more salt? :D


Why you do this Mylo.

Trying to determine if you need more salt? :D

Natalie Dormer at the Game of Thrones Panel (x)

That would be me.

Natalie is a goddess and should be worshipped *o*

Marathoning Murdered: Soul Suspect with Hannah and Kim. Got to #8 and Kim is now acting out the story for the viewers.

I’m dying. 

Liking the game so far, for all it’s faults. Then again, I think it’s mostly because of Kim and Hannah’s commentary. Love when they play games like this together. Need more horror games though. 

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Hey guys,

Firstly thank you so much for all of your kind words during the difficult time that you may be aware of through Twitter and such. It’s amazing to know that little ol’ me can affect so many people’s lives in such a positive way. After all, the only goal I had when I started the channel was just wanting to mess about and make people laugh!

I’m not looking for any pity or sympathy or attention seeking with what I’m about to say, I just feel it will help put things clearly as to what exactly goes on in my brain.

This week, every year, is always the worst week of the year. It’s always when I’m at my most depressed, scared, lonely. This week always starts with the anniversary of a family member’s death, the memories of seeing him helpless in a hospital bed as cancer took him away. The week then ends with my birthday. The day that is supposed to be a happy day is always overshadowed by the memories of funeral proceedings, the wake, family in black clothes, sadness, grief. I remember getting a birthday present that year from him, days after he had passed away, which as you may be able to understand was not a very nice experience. The message on the card, everything, it just made the day very sad. Obviously as people tend to celebrate birthdays every year, these feelings and memories resurface every year, I get sad. I can’t stop it. Birthdays for me now typically consist of a few cards from close family, but I don’t ask for presents and no celebrations. I’ll probably lock myself in my room and just distract myself by recording a video instead.

Last year was the same, if you were watching me back then you’ll know the gap I took from July to August. Admittedly the tail end of that was simply because I didn’t have a working computer, but the beginning was definitely triggered by this.

There’s nothing you guys need to say in response to this, I don’t want pity and I don’t particularly want to be overly congratulated on my birthday. It just is what it is. I’ll snap out of it in a week or two, Fiona will come back from her summer job and I won’t be alone, Beyond Mushbury will start, and we’ll forget all about this until next July. :)

Thanks for supporting me throughout everything I do, I hope I somehow support you through things you do too. You are all amazing people, and none of you are alone.

Keep on keepin’ on…

Everyone grieves differently, so you do what you need to do to help you get through this difficult period. <3

Looking forward to you and Fiona being back in action soon and ready to wow our pants off with Beyond Mushbury! :D