Zodiac Virgo thought.


Zodiac Virgo thought.



Some people are turning the whole shipping Fizone in minecraft versus shipping Zoethian thing into a shipping war and personally I think that’s silly. Ship ‘em both! Who cares, really? Both adorable, both great ships, 15/10 would fangirl again.

Shipping wars are just stupid. I mean Cluckna is without a doubt the best ship so ya’ll may as well just give up.

Bolded for emphasis and complete truth

hahah CluckyxDuncan 4lyfe, I mean, come on. That’s just a given

I think they were just made private or unlisted! So if that’s the case, Tom would have the link to it, since it’s the only way to get to a private video :)


I think they were just made private or unlisted! So if that’s the case, Tom would have the link to it, since it’s the only way to get to a private video :)


Hannah does the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.

I thought it was hilarious that Lewis was laughing at her. Such a nice boyfriend hahaha. 

Seriously though, the creepy comments are just never ending. I give her major props for doing this, while assuredly knowing the kinds of creepers who would be commenting. Go Hannah, you’re a badass, and it’s for a good cause. So hey

Can you please stop adding comments to the confessions?
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i52 - Parv’s Narcissistic Escapades - VLOG

Kim’s made me laugh. She paused for a while, before answering. Perfect.

Also Parv is so adorable, why have I not been watching him regularly before now? Cute dork <3

I’m sorry but- 

I get that people are entitled to their opinions, and are allowed to dislike someone. No one is telling you to worship the ground this person walks on, obviously, but don’t be rude about it in videos where they appear or on their own channel. 

People in the YouTube comments are so rude. They seem to forget, as is comment all around the internet, that these are real people behind the computer screen and ought to be treated that way. Being honest is fine, you can dislike someone, but being rude or hurtful is not okay.

You wouldn’t walk up to someone like that in real life and say that to their face, would you?


me: *looks at ocs i made 4 years ago*

me: we can rebuild them. we have the technology


"hairless cats are disgusting!"

"hairy women are disgusting!" 


Judge yourself not Jon. 


I’ve been all over the world and I’ve met people in every corner and Jontron is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Period. All I see are people bullying one guy they don’t know for the most trivial shit fathomable.

I know it’s much easier to pick on someone than find something positive to…

Mad support amongst not just the Yogscast but for their fellow LPers and content creators.

I feel the same way about Pewdz. I may not care much for his particular style, but that’s okay cause lots of folks do and he makes people happy.

The same goes for ANYone.

You don’t have to worship these people and yeah, you’re allowed to disllike someone and their LP style/their content/they themselves as a person. :( 

But the sheer, unabashed hate and smearing, etc. of any icon is really not necessary. It’s hurtful, and rude. These are real people behind the screen. Let’s do well to remember that.