Thankfully no one is ‘hunting’ by shooting shots every 10 seconds in the small patch of woods surrounded by residential areas today, so the cats are fairly calm. Fyi.

God forbid if people have a little fun or have a little target practice. Cats freak out for different reasons all the time a little fun ain’t botherin nobody but uptight assholes that use their kittens as an excuse to bitch about everything

You know, I’d give you that, if I wasn’t fairly certain that the assholes I was complaining about yesterday are the same ones that shoot off their guns at all hours of the night year round. I’m pretty okay with being an uptight asshole to make a joke to my followers to complain about an inconsiderate asshole on a website where no one would even know who the hell they are anyway.


But seriously, there’s a difference between legit hunting or target practice at a reasonable hour of the day, at a reasonable distance AWAY from neighboors and surrounding homes - and being a general butt and inconsiderately screwing about with your guns at indecent hours, very close to your neighbors to the point that the animals would be frightened.

I had this issue (similarly but with fireworks instead of guns) where these little “explosions” would happen at 11pm at night, nowhere even close to July 4th or New Years or anything like that. Our dogs flipped out every time, and they would carry on for a while, and it took the animals some time to relax and go back to sleep.

Mind you this is also while an older family member was ill and trying to sleep. So yeah. I’ll complain all I want. 






talk street magic to me

drawing power from the metro lines

illusionists busking illegally, shimmering lights disintegrating as they run

plant mages tending tiny rooftop and windowbox gardens


ALL OF THIS is amazing. UF is my favorite genre and I need this

I’m sorry but - is there a tag somewhere specifically for Black Lady x Mistress 9 cause


I’ve been seeing glimpses of fanart of the two lately and good god. I have never wanted to ship before this moment. I refused to call myself a ‘shipper’ but no. These two broke me. They did it. ;-;

Send help~


That awkard moment in Sailor Moon Crystal


I don’t get Mamoru







He calls her strong after she kisses him and tells him she will handle Kunzite. The first thing is I don’t get how her kissing him suddenly makes her strong. It’s a kiss not a CPR. But then seconds after when he sees her in trouble he jumps into his…

Just because Mamoru thinks Usagi is strong doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have a desire to protect her. He feels like he failed last time and wants to make up for that. Usagi wants him to be safe and also cares about all her friends, which is why she tells him to get away and jumps to face Kunzite without a plan. She just knows she has a job to do: protect everyone she loves. Mamoru has that same obligation in his heart, which is why he jumps after her to blow Kunzite’s blow. The kiss doesn’t suddenly make her strong. She just loves him and wants to protect him. 

Well said!

To me the kiss was very cute and sweet, as a thank you for helping her out, cause she hadn’t expected that he was going to come to her rescue. It was like a “thanks for helping me out babe, I got some shit to do real fast tho brb” in a very mature way. She was immensely grateful that he caught her in the nick of time, even surprised and it was a bit romantic for her but she knew she had a job to do so the kiss was more like “hey babe thanks for the help, but don’t worry about me, I gotta go save the world bbl” and that’s perfect. Utterly perfect.

On Mamo’s part, he was impressed by her actions, he admired her courage to jump back into the fray and defend her friends. Then when he realizes shit’s going down again he decides he wants to make up for what happened with Zoisite previously.

Sailor Moon Crystal: (Sub) Act.8 MINAKO - SAILOR V - 



So, everything I said about Mamoru in the last episode turned out not to matter lol. Instead we got ~Minako time~

I like here how they’re giving Minako a little trouble integrating. Assuming things went down with her even remotely like they did in Codename wa Sailor V, it makes a whole heap of sense. That actually always bothered me about the manga—why go to the trouble to bluff if you’re only going to have it for one chapter and not even use it? The same thing happened here with the timing, but there’s a thematic payoff to it by having Mina get targeted and also isolate herself. I will say that I’m a little puzzled why she thinks she can do it on her own; even supposing she could talk down all four Shiten’ou, she doesn’t have an in with Beryl and Metalia is pure evil energy. But good on her for trying(?)!

idk, I’m not 100% happy with this episode, but it’s been one of the best so far.

To be fair, she would have continued the charade, of being decoy princess, but Usagi and Mamoru prematurely screw it all up (not that I mind lolol) and set off the whole awakening thing sooner than it should have. :0 Otherwise this would have continued on till maybe after the threat of the enemy was gone! (That part is speculation by me though)

Dear Hollywood: an easy method of not whitewashing Ghost in The Shell (You’re Welcome) 


Rinko Kukuichi as Major Motoko Kusanagi



Hiroyuki Sanada as CIT Officer Ishikawa



Ron Perlman as Bato (See, you can still have some white actors, especially if they’re cyborgs!)



Shin Koyamada as Togusa



James Hong as Chief Aramaki image


Any more ideas?


Perfection. Some of them strike a really scary resemblence to their respective characters too. I love it.


Queen Beryl looking fabulous. 

Beryl is VERY fabulous in SMC. I love what they’ve done to her. She has such a menacing grace and poise. Unlike the original where she was pretty annoying and very much useless and a helluva lot more bitchy.

When she said to Kunzite “I expect great things from you.” I was like “Awwhellyeah” cause while she may be evil and stuff, and brainwashed the Shitennou, this stuff (also the Zoisite scene where she takes him back to heal up) says to me she regards them as HER precious and badass generals. Like, she’s taken them under HER wing now.


Need more Bery x Shitennou interactions. Queen and her men. Need more Shitennou period cause I always loved them. owo


Sailor V costume appreciation

I always loved the colors on her Sailor V fuku. They’re bold and suit her, but then I also love the golden yellow color of her Venus costume. This one has such a cool design though. Gotta love it


yo am I the only one who’s eyebrows were furrowed I’m confusion that whole episode of sailor moon?!
sailor v being princess serenity?! Lol wat

Haha I just answered this for someone else but yes! It’s a plot point from the manga.

She’s the “decoy” princess, meant to throw off the enemy and protect the real one (and the crystal) until the ‘time is right’ for her to properly awaken. So while it was a brilliaint idea, unfortunately Mamo getting hurt sets it off prematurely and then Usagi and awaken and regain their memories.


someone could explain why the heck everyone thinks minako is the princess serenity???

Too long for the answer box - 

In the manga, Minako was set as the “decoy” princess, to keep the real princess and the Silver Crystal safe from the enemy. They were eventually supposed to properly awaken, but unfortunately, the crisis between Usagi and Mamo sped that up prematurely and allowed them to properly regain their memories, and Usagi and Mamo awaken as Serenity and Endymion respectively.

So it was going to happen but not like that. 

:3 Hope this helps!